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About Us

Created by a sixth form college network manager, eScreens are a solution that allows every PC in a computer suite to be used during controlled assessments or computer based exams. They are now in use in over 1000 schools and colleges in the UK and abroad.

Exam boards require 1.25m between stations which is not possible in most computer suites. As the restrictions do not apply to computers in cubicles the answer is to temporarily convert your computer suite into cubicles.

It takes around 4 minutes to convert a standard sized computer suite (22-24 PCs) and even less time to take them down again so normal lessons can resume. 20 eScreens (enough to partition a standard computer suite) are light enough to be carried by 1 person.

Why are they Green?

We get asked this a lot. Some people would prefer that the colour match their college colours or would like a choice of colours.

They are green for a good reason; it is the most suitable colour for an exam environment. When you use eScreens you are assembling cubicles in which students could spend several hours. If the colour is unsuitable then it could have an impact on exam performance.

Green has cognitive and calming properties. We tried a number of colours and green received by far the best feedback and students found that it aided concentration.

Even a ‘neutral’ colour such as white would be a bad choice. The feedback was that it was too clinical. If you have gone to the trouble of copying an exam paper on to coloured paper for a student with learning support requirements, you wouldn’t then want to seat them in a white box!

Why eScreens?

Why are eScreens supplied with Velcro strips?

We recommend using the supplied Velcro strips to secure your eScreens to the desk. This will stop any movement of the screens during exams. You can re-use the desktop strips a few times if you peel them off the desk and reattach to the backer and you can create your own desktop strips by purchasing a roll of Velcro Loop and cutting them to size.


Simply e-mail with the amount of screens you are looking for and you will receive a formal quote via e-mail.
If you need them urgently, ring 07568 087954.

Each screen is £4.95 and comes with 2 desk Velcro strips

eScreens are available to purchase in multiples of 10 and delivery is free for orders of 50 or more eScreens. There is a flat £12 delivery charge for orders of 40 or less eScreens.

Order will be fulfilled on receipt of a purchase order and delivered within 2 working days